Here are the athletes selected by each nation to represent their country at the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC Test Event which starts AUG 2 next week. The order of names are: helm/middle/bow.

Australia Olivia Price AUSOP1 Nina Curtis AUSNC4 Lucinda Whitty AUSLW4 3
Denmark Lotte Meldgaard DENLM1 Susanne Boidin DENSB3 Tina Schmidt Gramkov DENTS9 3
Finland Silja Lehtinen FINSL2 Sija Kanerva FINSK1 Mikaela Wulff FINMW1 3
France Claire Leroy FRACL3 Claire Pruvot FRACP14 Marie RIOU FRAMR3 3
Germany Silke Hahlbrock GERSH6 Maren Hahlbrock GERMH10 Schult Kerstin GERKS8 3
Great Britain Lucy Macgregor GBRLM22 Annie Lush GBRAL22 Kate Macgregor GBRKM34 3
Netherlands Mandy Mulder NEDMM2 Annemieke Bes NEDAB2 Merel Witteveen NEDMW02 3
Portugal Rita Gonçalves PORRG1 Mariana Lobato PORML4 Diana Neves PORDN1 3
Russia Ekaterina Skudina RUSES1 Elena Siuzeva RUSES5 Elena Oblova RUSEO1 3
Spain Tamara Echegoyen ESPTE2 Sofia Toro ESPST2 Angela Pumariega ESPAP32 3
Sweden Anna Kjellberg SWEAK1 Malin Källström SWELH3 Lotta Harrysson SWELH3 3
USA Sally Barkow USASB12 Alana O'Reilly USAAO14 Elizabeth Kratzig-Burnham USAEK2 3



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    NAME Olivia PRICE
    TEAM ONLY Racing AUS
    BORN  August 1992
    GENDER Female
    NATIONALITY Australia - AUS
    HOME TOWN Sydney, Australia
    YACHT CLUB Cruising Yacht Club of Australia
    LANGUAGES English
    Member of the Australian Women's Match Racing Team.
    I sail an Elliott 6m  - a new women’s match racing boat that makes its Olympic debut at London 2012.  The Elliott 6m is a high performance keelboat which accelerates quickly and manoeuvres easily.   In each race two identical Elliott 6m keelboats will compete head to head.  
    WORLD RANKING  #6 @ June 2012 (best ranking 6)

    Jun 2012: ISAF World Championship, Gothemburg, SWE (5th)
    Jun 2012: ISAF World Cup Final Sail For Gold, Weymouth, GBR (1st)
    Apr 2012: ISAF World Cup SOF Hyeres, FRA (9th)
    Apr 2012: ISAF World Cup Trofeo SAR Princesa Sofia Mapfre, Palma SPA (3rd)
    Mar 2012: St Quay WMR Regatta Grade 1 - St Quay, FRA (5th)
    Jan 2012: ISAF World Cup Miami OCR - Miami, USA (2nd) 
    Dec 2011: ISAF World Championships - Perth, AUS (8th)
    Sep 2011:  ISAF Nations Cup Grand Final - Sheboygan, USA (3rd)
    Aug 2011:  Buddy Melges Challenge - Sheboygan, USA (6th)
    Aug 2011:  
    London 2012 Test Event - Weymouth, GBR (5th)


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